MacENC and GPSNavX disappear forever [Update]

Since 30 September 2018 (*), I already had information regarding discontinuation by NAVX Studio LLC of the development of two historical applications created by Richard Ray : GPSNavX and MacENC. The buyers of these applications and iNavX had clearly announced focuse only to the development of iNavX, on iOS and Android. It is likely that applications on Mac no longer had any profitability, especially with the loss of Navionics charts for MacENC.

The announcement is now official, GPSNavX is permanently removed from the AppStore and MacENC will be removed from sale on iNavX website :

"Just a glimpse into the future of MacENC. [The app] MacENC will not receive any future updates and it will be taken off the market sometime this week. As long as you do not update your Macintosh computer to Mojave, it should continue to function pretty well. However, it is very limited on computers using Mac OS X Mojave.
Support MacENC »

That is. It now remains for Mac only OpenCPN, which is far from the ergonomics and professional quality had yet MacENC. It's really sad !

[Update May, 2020] MacENC is no longer for sale and no longer works under the latest MacOS versions 64 bits since late 2018. However, the application is being modernized by a new developer who bought the sources. It should therefore be available again before the end of the year under the name MacENC64. I will continue to provide the French translation.
(*) Navionics charts are no longer available for MacENC [Update]


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  1. But I just connect a wifi server Digital Yacht AIS on the same brand and I get the GPS and AIS information with MacENC on a MacBook 10.14.3. Hope it lasts !

  2. The quotation above from MacENC support implies MacENC will not run under Mojave, but I am doing so just fine for my season’s planning. I have not yet had the opportunity to test with NMEA2000 input via USB. I just hope that when I get to the boat in a few weeks it will work.

    Does anyone know what does not work under Mojave, please?

    1. I do know! MacENC works with oldest Navionics Charts previously downloaded, but cannot update to Navionics Plus, and can no more display any raster charts. GPS with USB connection works, but no more GPS via Wi-Fi (« IP only » setting).
      My MB is featured with MacOS 10.14.3.

  3. That really are very bad news. MacEnc was a great program. Nothing worked better with Mac. But this not all, it was quite expensive this comes close to expropriation and fraud by the company iNavx. To treat their clients like this has for me only one consequence. I never will buy any products from this company in the future.

  4. The option to install Windows 10 and MaxSea ???. I had doubts about whether to renew the laptop for the new MacBook Air or iPad Pro. In the end I decided on the first option and increasingly more complicated to install programs see navigation and meteorology. Any recommendations about ??? … Thank you.

    1. In my opinion, so far the best solution, and the most economical, is the iPad. Applications are as powerful as Windows, and much cheaper, allowing you to use several.
      (Google Translation)

  5. It was bound to happen. I told Richard many times to include Active Captain and he said he would never do it. If he had MacENC would have remained popular and part of the new expansion of Active Captain and Navionics. Such a pity! So much much I have wasted on charts.
    From now on I will only purchase charts for OpenCpn. Although not the prettiest interface, the expanded functionality with plugins is remarkable. The ability to control and use data from our B&G 4G radar is simply astonishing.

  6. Good evening,

    It remains to wait until WWDC in June to see the advanced Marzipan project that could help consider seeing future some marine applications running on iOS macOS

    Wait&sea^He — loïc

    — loïc

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