Marée info : SHOM tides prediction on iPhone [Update]

Thousands of users for many years know the excellent website maré which provides the times and heights of tides SHOM for all the coastal resorts of the Channel and the Atlantic. Boaters, professional fishermen, beach fishermen, kite surfers and other relevant users visit daily the information pages of this website.

The author, Guillaume Bolo, has taken on the task of creating an iPhone app (compatible iPad) with the contents of its website, but with the particularity to provide, for a small subscription fee (*), tides for an entire year. The data are tidal predictions from SHOM, reproduced with permission by contract. Thus their reliability leaves no doubt, although SHOM does not control the content before publishing.

Marée info presents a simple and effective interface 3 data display windows :

  • Clock tidal data for the current day
  • Calendar for a week of predictions with coefficients and phases of the moon
  • Tidal graphic Prediction for a week

A double tap on the clock displays the details of the day, rotation landscape increase tidal graphic, horizontal sliding on the screen scrolls weekdays.

Function Calendar you can choose any day or week of subscribed year. Function Ports offers alphabetical selection, maritime area selection, closest GPS location, and allows to create a list of Favorites. Some simple settings allow you to customize the application.

One can also draw a reference line with a long tap and slide on tidal graphic. We can also perform a calculation for an hour or a given height to be entered in a selector.

All these functions require only a few minutes of learning as the handling is simple. You can even sort on the coefficients, for example only know the dates of tides for fishing Ormeaux :

This application will soon be as essential as weather forecast for all those who attend our beautiful seacoast, whether at sea or on the foreshore. It will be free with Brest station included, available to everyone, which will test the app. The 98 other ports will be available with an integrated self-renewable subscription purchase from the menu Settings.

[Update] 3 subscription plans are available :
1 months / 6 months / 12 Renewable months, respectively 0,89 € / 2,69 € / 4,49 €.
During the period of the subscription is accessed dataset year + Next year. So there is no release Millésimée, the application will be updated annually as data becomes available SHOM.

Tide info is available from the 18 July on the AppStore. A big congratulations to the developer for this successful initiative : easy, efficient and, it does not hurt, a nice user interface.

(*) Data SHOM are paying for all broadcasters allowed. They can not be made available to the public free of charge, unless the broadcaster takes cost dependents, which is, economically, difficult to plan.


10 Replies to “Tide info : SHOM tides prediction on iPhone [Update]”

  1. Hello
    Failure Millisime subscription system suits me perfectly.
    I just used the application during our T From Finistère sail for the current nav on an iPad , handy.
    Thank you

  2. Hello,
    Since a few days 3 subscription plans are available:
    1 months / 6 months / 12 Renewable months.
    During the subscription period you have access to all the data 2013 and 2014. So there is no release Millésimée, the application will be updated annually as data becomes available SHOM.
    Have good
    Guillaume Bolo / mareé

  3. Hello
    it is certain that the predictions based on data from SHOM are more accurate (hour and Height) than those from a model based on harmonic constants ports calculation.
    the only criticism we can do is to have only the subscription year, personally to prepare regattas I often need the tides of the following year and I use "Tides" from Navilog which works on Windows.

    1. Hello,
      To meet René, a change should happen soon regarding access to data in the iPhone application. Indeed, if the subscription is still a year to use the application, it will allow access to all available data (So when I write these lines, Tidal predictions SHOM 2013 and 2014)

      I want to thank Francis for his article Fustier.
      Good nav all
      Guillaume Bolo / maré

  4. I'm also still TidesPlanner user with subscription FR, UK, B a NL
    The presentation of the new product described by Mr Fustier seems a perfect copy of this. So this is one more available to boaters and probably as good if not better for feedback since Fr indications SHOM.
    Be tested and possibly favor a French app next year

    1. I do not know what meaning you give to "seems a perfect copy of this product" but for my part I find it perfectly unjustified and at least inelegant, or misspoke. I'm not sure that the developer will appreciate. Il n'y post 36 ways to present calculations tide.
      Tide info presents data published by SHOM (Tide tables, Almanach du Marin Breton) France only. The company Tucabo, which publishes Tides Planner, offers based on predictions using the calculated harmonic constants of hydrographic services (as SHOM). It is not comparable. Tides Planner offers, with multiple subscriptions, calculated from data similar to those proposed for several years and AyeTides AyeTides XL without subscription.
      On the user interface, I find that William Bolo nicer than British, but this assessment is only my opinion.

  5. I use TidesPlanner that spans the globe and is reliable minutes and centimeters. Obviously, you must have a subscription to the countries concerned.

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