Update iNavX 5.0.7 [Update-2]

[Update] As a result of the update 5.0.6 the charts were again no more reachable. This is not the first time. A release 5.0.7 delivered in the night of May 15 until 16 has solved the problem. But alas, the web site Fugawi/Chart has been made unavailable for a few hours, and therefore no more access to accounts to retrieve charts. Decidedly, is this happening !

You can now repeat the procedure :

  1. Select the "Cards" page > "My cards" tab
  2. Select each chart folder you have purchased
  3. Type "Update the list of cards"
  4. Activate and download the folder again

To make this work, may be you need to logout/login to your Fugawi account. You will notice however that the French translation has been completed, at least one positive thing !


To restore your cards in the "My cards" page, you have to pull the page down by sliding your finger, purchases must be refreshed.



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  1. Hello
    I just spent at the V 5.0.7 and I again lost my cards , lost and redeemed at the passage of the V5.0.6, I can't connect to the fugawi website to recharge. I'm on a cruise in Corsica and n’ have no navigation system.
    HELP ME.

  2. I find the attitude of D. Deplorable Mangin. Thank you Francis for your help and I just did the update without problem. I had paid a one year subscription to Fugawi/X cross. But I don't know when it ends. is that one can know that, You bet?

    I am currently in the Canaries and I could compare the beautiful quality of the Navionics Inavx by cards, than enough summary of OpenCPN.

  3. I'm a little lost. I have a x-traverse account but I pay more for a long time. Is this so-called one account updated ? In this case, is it wise to do this update?

    I can't remember if the x-traverse account did not become free ? is it true ?

    Note : For an update of an earlier version, I lost my card and I had no account to date of payment of the US$ 10/year (and I would have because I think that this app is outdated in particular on the measures on the map - not multipoint- and how to make the roads).
    Yet, through several Exchange email with the staff I could recover my cards. But he had had to wait for a fix version. I would not like to repeat this time consuming experience although the staff is very friendly, responsive and goodwill.

    Thank you for your valuable work.

  4. Receipt of Russell Cook (NAVX Studios) This morning :
    "We have found and resolved the issue related to a poor production process of the version. The problem, unfortunately, had not appeared in the Final Candidate release. We have submitted the new version to Apple, which should be approved tomorrow and should completely resolve this issue. "

  5. Big scam
    my account expired there that pay 111,99 for 46G, am disgusted!!!!!
    I think back to the Time Zero of MaxSea app

  6. Fugawi/iNavX response :
    "We are experiencing a temporary service disruption which has occurred due to the recent software update by iNavX. Our teams are working to restore the service and your cards should be available again very soon.. "

  7. Your response doesn't surprise me much. You volunteer; who are you laughing at ? Everyone knows that your benefits are paid !
    You are totally involved in the marketing and the essort of iNavx, you were one of the first to boast excellence see perfection on number of informative and advertising material.
    And now you have the nerve to yelled users asking assistance following a gross error to this app programming !
    I would hope, Unlike habits your censurerez not my point.
    D. Mengin

    1. @ Mark : I don't think that Francis Fustier is involved in the commercial derivative of Inax-Xtraverse and consors, their rate increases, their real improvements or shoot-consumption, their updates suspicious etc…

      I appreciate that he did discover a few years ago these much less expensive than the plotters and their cards media, testing, Comparing, for us, got us through the mazes of purchase, installation, usage

      For my own, I have grace to him makes big savings in material and same paper maps, who started dating.

  8. Your recovery procedure of cards deleted by the update does not work.
    – my local are up-to-date,
    – on my list of card (3 charts) a tab indicates "LIMITED" on each line,
    – When I type on the map to display, a window appears inviting me to take back "additional" licenses on the pretext that my two authorizations have been used; well see !!!
    The option "Update the list of cards" also does not appear !
    How to recover my cards ?
    Thank you for enlighten me, because I'm really tired of being taken for a ball by this app and its accessories !!!!

    1. Let things be perfectly clear : I am not an employee of NavX Studios LLC ! I'm the volunteer translator and a support volunteer France. I wrote "For the crying office, It is only ios-support@inavx.com, thank you.

  9. Super now no access to the charts and unable to download despite an active account yet 239 days. And I will cast-off in 5 days for 5 months.

    1. Bruno, logout/login to your account. It worked for me this morning for my iPad and my iPhone (charts folders not expired). Otherwise unable to reopen an expired chart folder.

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