I am writing from Bourbon Island

S21°20′,64 E55°28′,27

Ile de La ReunionI am five weeks in Reunion Island for a training mission at the request of a supermarket chain in the matter of management and encashment software deployement.

I am no longer reachable by other than email, and my schedule is rather restrictive, do not count on me to answer you quickly. Also I plan to make the most of my free time for excursions to this beautiful island. There will be a significant decrease in activity on my Mac Navigation. I will continue to provide the necessary, translations for new versions of applications.

I give you an impressive screenshot, that will demonstrate the ability of the iPad to trace the route, anywhere, et à bord de quelque « navire » que ce soit, in this case a Boeing 777-300, judge by yourself :

iNavX en plein vol

Le GPS de l’iPad a verrouillé les satellites à travers la carlingue, impressive !

Following this stay comes a journey across the Atlantic onboard a Catana 47′ for the ARC in November. What a hectic year-end !


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  1. I return to the Altitude, there is one available option Altitude, which means that the mere presence of an iPad iNavX a plane would allow the driver to know his speed and altitude in case of problems with the probes…..

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