Dead reckoning with GPSnavX / MacENC

As is mentioned in GPSNavX and MacENC Help pages, under "Simulator", can use the Simulator to proceed a dead reckoning. Simulator, Indeed, can be handy if you do not – or more – have a connected GPS.

The simulator starts from the GPS menu

menu SimulatorThe simulator uses the last known GPS fix to position the vessel. However, a component input window open in the "GPS" lets you enter a starting position in latitude / longitude, or use a waypoint as a starting point by selecting it in the drop down window "Move".


Volet de saisie

Control drawer



sasir le cap

Enter Cape

Speed and heading can also be prompted. For Cape, a wheel to select the value : if you hover your mouse directly on the wheel to rotate, you can select an approximate value. If you point the wheel, holding the left button you move away the mouse cursor outside of the wheel, the more you move away and you can choose a specific value of course (as if you act on a winch handle).


Of course, you must display a heading that takes into account the estimated drift of your boat : wind drift and/or current drift, as you would do by report dead reckoning on a chart paper.

Once the simulator is on all the navigation features are also active as a connected GPS : waypoints and routes, GoTo, alarm of arrival, etc. For example, in the "Settings card", onglet « Waypoint », you get all the information about your approach to waypoint.



Example of reckoning simulated

Note :

1 – The simulator does not automatically chooses the speed and heading, even datas come from instruments.
2 – The speed must be greater than 0,4 knots in order to select a heading.


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  1. hello,
    how get this basemap (or 9999!) to finish preparing the permit with the mac in addition to the paper map….

  2. First thank you for your valuable assistance to the discovery and use of other MacENC logiciels.Pour my part having been formed at CNG, there are more 35 years, the reckoning I came out of curiosity to MacENC. I acquired the rights to use, I struggled somewhat with the GPS antenna, but am a little reluctant to buy vector charts from Navionics whose cost is not neutral. I am sailing in South Brittany and will continue practice reckoning with, for security, GPS.
    Is there a solution less costly to acquire a South Brittany vector charting?
    Thank you
    jm poncet

    1. For a small area as the South Brittany, we must see if the S-57 ENC official charts would not be the case, because the solded areas are smaller. Links to dealers is on my web site, page Vector charts.

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