The stakeholders of electronic charting

Navionics, C-Map, BlueChart, MapMedia… You will admit that it is difficult to navigate all these brands of electronic mapping. Who owns whom ? What works with what ?

To help you see things more clearly so I took some time to locate the main actors, ultimately, provide us these wonderful charts that avoid storing pounds of paper. place free, and more ecological ! Once again, follow the guide…

The following companies and brands they own are listed in random order. The brands of electronic charts are red.

fugawiNorthport Systems Inc. – Toronto, Canada (*)

Brands :
  • FUGAWI Software
  • FUGAWI Touratel
  • FUGAWI X-Traverse

Established since 1995 Toronto, Canada, Northport Systems Inc. company. publishes charting navigation software, provides charts and online services in more than 130 countries under the label Fugawi. Northport is known to be a leader in software related to GPS navigation for outdoor activities, hiking, yachting and military market.

Through its website, Fugawi provides a chart downloading platform and related services for data transfers to individuals : charts and topographic (Navionics, CHS, Hilton, NV Verlag, etc…).

Main website

navionicsNavionics Spa – Massarosa, Italy


Navionics headquarters is located in Massarosa, Italy and serves Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. Navionics headquarters in the USA, based in Wareham, Massachusetts, serves the Americas. For more 25 years Navionics designing electronic navigation charts and systems for the Navy, the inland lakes and rivers, for outdoor uses and, recently, smartphone applications. The charts are distributed in different media, Next they are to be used with software (CD / Download) or directly with chartplotters (CF-card/SD Card).

Navionics website

Both companies, Northport and Navionics, have developed in recent years a close partnership for the integration and charting software. The final result of this partnership, announced 15 March 2010, is the realization of the software NavPlanner2.

jeppesenJeppesen – Englewood, Colorado USA (*)

Brand :  C-MAP (purchased in 2007) c-map

A subsidiary of Boeing Aircraft, Jeppesen is traditionally a provider of integrated solutions for aviation and marine, especially designer Aeronautical Charting. The purchase of the Italian C-Map, now part of the marine division of Jeppesen, allows it to increase its position in the maritime market. The C-Map are also distributed in different electronic media (CD, Memory Cards) according to destination.

Site web C-Map

furunoFuruno Electric Co.- Hyogo, Japan

Brands :

  • MAXSEA (Bookmark SA) maxsea
  • MAPMEDIA (Bookmark SA) mapmedia
  • Nobeltec (repurchased by Jeppesen Bookmark S.A. end 2009) nobeltec

Furuno has since 2005 49% the capital of the French holding company SigNet S.A.. who owns both MaxSea and MapMedia, and acquired more recently Nobeltec.

Despite the takeover by Furuno-Signet of navigation instruments manufacturer Nobeltec to Jeppesen, that now Furuno holds MaxSea/MapMedia and that Jeppesen has acquired C-Map – Ok, you attend ? – both companies, competing in the maritime market, however, remain partners :

Furuno has introduced support of Jeppesen C-Map charting portfolio in its new instruments NavNet 3D, more raster and vector NOAA charts, MapMedia raster charts (mm3d) Vector and "Datacore" Navionics, to make either one of the most versatile on the market. The display of these cards can be 2D or 3D thanks to the use of technology "Time Zero "MaxSea.

The instruments are compatible with Nobeltec cartography Jeppesen, while gradually adopting technologies developed by MaxSea.

Website MaxSea

maptechEdgewater Marine Industries Llc – New Bedford, Massachusetts USA

(Richardsons’ Publishing / Richardsons’ Maptech)

Brands :

  • MAPTECH maptech
  • MYTOPO mytopo

Publisher shipping software and electronic raster charts, Maptech is the only company authorized to deliver NOAA charting (Buy) for the World off-USA. Maptech also owns a company MyTopo, located in Montana and topographic mapping specialist hiking and outdoor. Maptech charts can be purchased online only on CD, on their own website for the U.S.A.. and certain retailers in France (ScanNav, Nauticom).

Division nautical charts and publications Maptech Navigation Inc. has been owned from 2008 by Richardsons’ Publishing, a division of Edgewater Marine Industries.

Maptech website

garminGarmin International Inc. – Olathe, Kansas USA

We can not speak charting without quoting Garmin, the world leader in mobile GPS. The company is still owned by its two founding members. The manufacturer of GPS and navigational instruments differs from its American competitors by the exclusive use of its own marine cartography BLUECHART.

Garmin French Website

This essentially. You can see the way he has been recently "arrangements between friends": MaxSea with japanese Furuno, C-MAP with Jeppesen in the U.S.A., have left Europe financially. Countdown Navionics, still European, but for how long ?

However, long as these movements are accompanied by real business improvements for the end user, and hopefully, more affordable prices, why complain ?

Sometimes I dream, don't you ?

(*) See update 2016