Navigate with an iPad at the Nautic Paris boat show

Already two days past and the dream team was overwhelmed by a huge number of visitors. That photo deceive you : it was taken yesterday evening after closing, whew, a respite !

Nautic stand D41

Stand extended this year

Program presentations :

  • iPad accessories with exclusive new protection LifeProof received on Friday.
  • Our favorite apps : iNavX and Navionics charting, Weather4D PRO and routing feature, with the exclusive presentation of iPolar for easy creation of speed polars.
  • Demonstration of WiFi connection with networks NMEA 0183 and NMEA2000.

Come and see us, iPadNav makes you prices from hell, you can see our iPads splash in the aquarium and our applications on the new iPad Mini, un must !


8 Replies to “Naviguez avec un iPad au Nautic de Paris

  1. Congratulations for your work, an observation and a question :
    Note : iPad problem, if perfect inside boat, remains the readability in the cockpit of small boats for which the iPad Mini also seems more sense.
    Question : Navionics has now added, avec l’option « Nav Module », routes et « GoTo » à son application « Marine Europe » sur Applestore, what is the interest or specific to your opinion with iNavX (charts from Navionics) you use ?

    1. iPad readability is very correct as the sun comes not perpendicular onto the screen. In this case, hinged mounting, such those proposed by Andres Industries can overcome this drawback.
      Regarding the iPad Mini, one protective case will soon be offered by this manufacturer, compatible with the same mounting accessories.
      Even with the Nav Module, I consider Navionics Marine application ideal for coastal navigation. However for ocean navigation, the features provided by iNavX are incomparable. It is a real navigation application, compatible with many charting publishers (not only Navionics), able to be connected with boat instruments (AIS, navigation unit, autopilot, aso.) and offering interoperability with other critical applications : AyeTides XL, Weather4D PRO, among others.
      The choice between these two applications should be based on the type of sailing you plan.

    2. Thank you for the quick response, So in my case, as probably the majority of coastal boaters, Navionics will be sufficient and an iPad Mini an ideal size.

  2. Good evening,
    Please disregard my previous message. After the firmware update version 3.19.2 and WIFI 2.45 it must return a NMEA command that I had not done.
    It is now set up and functional TCP / IP on the PC and on the iPad.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    This remark may be helpful to other Internet because we were many to leave the box with the room WIFI.

  3. Just a little trouble with the miniplex2wi
    In USB connection is no problem on the PC but wifi top j’ai un message connect Timed out. INavX since the wifi does not.
    I have not found out why. Surely a parameter problem.
    Can you guide me or should I contact Ipadnav?

  4. Hello to All.
    A passage on the stand at the opening Tuesday morning.
    1h30 with Olivier Bouyssou exciting. The purchase of Miniplex 2WI set since local connection at home with battery. Remains to the end connections on the boat. It is not too complicated with the explanations given by the blog of Francis and documentation available on IpadNav.
    Achat d'un here Ipad mini 32 go 4g (I finally found one available near my home) Setting this morning iNavX that I did not use previously. It is also quite simple and not confusing compared to fixed installations I know.
    In short, we are already preparing for next season.
    One regret during my visit. No time for an exchange with Francis Fustier was also taken with other customers. I take this opportunity to salute.

  5. Hello, I have unfortunately not had the opportunity to visit you at your stand but I'm leaving in January for a journey 7 months sailing in the Caribbean , I am equipped with an iPad and iNavX Wheather4D, waterproof case and mounting system. All with an Iridium communications system 9555 and AxcessPoint device (all, except iPad and Iridium purchased at iPadNav). I have not tried to receive weather files via the Iridium but the question I ask myself is how do you reduce your weather request 50 KB with Wheather4D. Thank you for your reply, see you soon.

    1. Very easy : Creation / modifiction area, vous lisez dans le bandeau supérieur de la fenêtre « Coordonnées » la taille estimée du fichier. For each parameter change, you can go back and read the impact on the value.

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