Weather4D PRO 1.3.2 adds the currents in the routing

weather4d proWith version 1.3.2, Weather4D PRO allows to get and display currents as GRIB data. At first, currents available are provided with subscription by Tidetech, I mentioned there in the past (¹). Once entered in Weather4D PRO settings a username and password, provided during the subscription, you can access Tidetech global catalog.

Only a PRO subscription to Tidetech provides GRIB format files. The company is considering a specific offer for applications on iPad / iPhone.

The choice of available currents files is fitted to the geographical area defined previously, and GRIB file downloaded after weather file contains only the extraction of data delimited by this area. This allows to optimize the file size.

weather4d pro et courants

Current forecasts choice Creating / modifying area

For currents data, units have been added, a specific setting for display as for other data as well as the parameter "Currents" in the meteogram.

weather4d pro et courants

Display settings and meteogram

Once the latest file downloaded, following the weather file, the routing module includes this parameter in addition to the parameters of wind and waves, in order to calculate the optimized route, as in the video below :

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TideTech prediction relate major ocean currents, and tidal streams in many regions of the world, as the English Channel and the Strait of Gibraltar, in example. Eventually Olivier Bouyssou hopes to integrate SHOM tidal streams for French shores, discussions are initiated.

"Currents" factor, essential to the relevance of routing, pushes further the unsurpassed quality of this Application.

(¹) View the currents on electronic charts


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  1. Hello

    Is it possible to edit these files directly in Grib Courant iNavX.
    Thank you for your reply.

    PS : 649$ year …is not given.

    1. Yes. Simply select the file received in the history, "Open in" iNavX. The combined display wind + currents is quite nice. By cons malfunctioning automatic scrolling, you have to scroll the field down dates.

  2. Hello,
    Thank you for this information. Is it possible to export the route calculated by Weather4D to iNavX ? or should it meet the waypoints to re-enter later in iNavX ?

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