Navionics Boating 9.0 the point about what's new

Updated on 17 May, Navionics Boating presents some modifications, in the presentation and functionality.

First of all only subsist Navionics Boating for iPhone and "Boating HD" » for iPad. The old names have disappeared, happily because confusion was great. Version purchased with built-in charting has the name of the region, for example "Europe HD" for iPad. On the other hand, there is a free version called "Seas and Lakes" which allows to test then buy a chart of the area of choice, and additional options.

To do this, Navionics offers two-week free trial of the option NavionicsPlus including :

  • A nautical chart (region to choose)
  • SonarChart (Community users of Navionics bathymetry)
  • Community edits (shared community data)
  • Unlimited updates (for one year)
  • Autorouting (automatic creation of route berth to berth)
  • Weather, tide and current displayed on the chart (unspecified origin for the last two)
  • Advanced Map Option (Advanced chart display management)

Either all of the paid options available. All these options can be purchased separately, or with the pack Navionics+. Chart pricing comes from 50 to 80 € According to the geographical areas, with a majority at 55 €. Beware though, the subscription is to voluntarily renew every year (no automatic renewal).

Currents and tides display values from a certain zoom level

No function AIS nor TCP/IP protocol support. But the options associated with some manufacturers, such as Raymarine and Navico, to interface with their depth sounders to enable saving of soundings with SonarChart.

This application, the most sold in the world in its category, address a majority of coastal mariners, with a strong orientation for motor boating and recreational fishing. We can always discuss - and I am not bothered me to do - on the quality of the predictions of currents and tides accessible only through internet, on the weather forecast provided streaming (and optional), on relevance of sharing community and data quality SonarChart, or the versatility trade policy by Navionics, but we cannot deny that it does very well for which it is designed, and it perfectly meets the needs of users that it targets, representing more of 80% the pleasure craft market.

The weather comes streaming by The Weather Channel




8 Replies to “Navionics Boating 9.0 the point about what's new”

  1. Hello Francis, and thanks for all of your very useful information.
    Since 1 year I use Navionics + on my iPhone 5 and I just renew my subscription.
    Today I have an air2 iPad but having tried to share the app from my iPhone on my iPad I understand that the definition is not the same and that if I want an optimum definition I should subscribe to the HD version.
    My question is this : even if I have already paid for the iPhone app with its renewal, I must pay again "full plot" either 65 euros for having the same app in HD on my iPad ?
    Or is it a more economical way of doing ?

  2. After I few years ago the Demark & Bought green country, It was not clear, that the annual renewal will be subject to a charge. What a pity – I've heard, that it should be the rights of Denmark on the cards.
    Is annoying, that are extensions, I have purchased about the iPad, not reflect on the iPhone but there costs are.

  3. Modified by individuals of and card so errors are t they now corrected. And since when. And then confidently buy updates .

  4. Hello,
    do not forget the display of the GRIB files (NOAA) with an animation on several time, days.
    To view this animation, you must "tap" on the "Winds" icon in the display obtained by "tap" on the map and select the weather icon in the left of the crosshair.

    Jean Luc Marc:
    "You can renew your subscription with a discount of 50% about "
    Provided they do so quickly after the previous license end date.

  5. Hello, I have so far of several NAVIONICS areas since 2011. Can I download maps at any time. This service may make it to be interrupted on these areas purchased without time limit.
    Otherwise, new releases, What is the price of the subscription renewal? The same as the first year, 55€?

    Thank you

    1. For the first question I have no answer. The subscription to the updates and options is done by subscribing + Navionics, currently at the price of 33 €.

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