Roseanor, 2000 nautical miles against the grain around Europe

Conveying a boat from Corsica to Normandy in May, It's a bit like making around the world backwards from East to West, in more modest. Two thousands nautical miles on the water against winds and tides, four and a half weeks at sea, with thirteen days forced stopover awaiting for good weather conditions, three hundreds and fifty hours of engine to support the sails, 1000 litres of diesel fuel, multiple Corsican, Spanish and Portuguese wines bibs, to calm our nerves, a few packs of water to calm the thirst, and hundreds of hours to test the new features in development of… Weather4D Routing & Navigation !

Indeed, This long journey was the occasion for Olivier Bouyssou to test alive – over water, I would say - the functions that will be soon delivered in future updates of its last application. Cool-headed developer, day and night, he responded to the comments and criticisms from the crew as it installed the "build" on our iPad, what allowed him to effectively advance its developments, before having to leave the ship in La Coruña. Accompanied a part of the trip by Dominique Gauthier, CEO of and super DIY somehow, and Michel Frank, eminent representative of the Cruising Club Switzerland, we have formed a studious team of hard testers !

You can glimpse in the screenshots below configurable instrument panel, direct weather forecast requests with Iridium GO!, or even the track display, among other upcoming new features…

And many other more things under the hood, but… we'll have to wait a little. The developer refines !


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  1. Beautiful navigation indeed. I understand why Roseanor was not quite able to navigate training onboard late June. This is only game postponed. A soon Francis. If you navigate in the channel or on the side of the Solent this summer, faites le moi savoir!

  2. Cette appli est très chère : 50€. Le système de carto est complexe avec un site distant, et limitant les cartes embarquées. Il faut vraiment qu’elle soit très au-dessus du lot par rapport à la concurrence qui propose des apps souvent gratuite et des cartographies achetées en in-app : iSailor, Navionics, imray….
    Votre blog fait l’unanimité. Peut-être qu’une comparaison objective des apps serait la bienvenue, sous forme de matrice ? Pour beaucoup, la simplicité des apps Navionics est suffisante malgré leur politique de prix à géométrie variable… In addition, l’app de l’imray propose déjà depuis longtemps la carto du shom. En mode in-app, sans passer par géo garage, sans tuiles ou cache…. 😉

    1. iNavX is at the same price with also a carto by external site (allowing to escape the charge of 30% taken by Apple on all sales of built-in options). "Free" applications like iSailor with many essential functions, paying as an option or subscription, are often more expensive.. See the comparison in the second part of this article. Let us not abuse : nothing is ever free.

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