Navygatio : Weather4D's 5th dimension [Update]

Navygatio - page d'accueil web

Navygatio – web home page

Weather4D Routing & Navigation User Guides brings a major novelty : the serviceNavygatio (¹), a web interface which will allow to record the navigations on a server as time goes by, to add photos, to share own page with relatives, to compare the tracks, to analyze performance, and many more things to come. A real " cloud at the unique service of Weather4D Routing & Navigation User Guides users with iOS and SailGrib WR with Android.

[Update 31 July 2021]

Developed for over a year jointly by Henri Laurent (SailGrib) and Olivier Bouyssou (Weather4D) this new interface already allows the recording of all navigation data, either cellular connection (real and / or deferred time), either satellite connection with Iridium GO!® (according to the configured frequency), either by the MMSI number via the AISHub network (²). Tracks, data from connected instruments, and, icing on the cake : the recording of the data entered in alogbook !

Plusieurs étapes groupées dans le trajet Aller

Several trips grouped together in the outbound journey


In Navygatio website we create an account, exclusively with a Google email address (Gmail) or Apple (Apple Store account address). We enter the information about the boat, then we create an activity. It can be a cruising voyage, a training, a regatta, etc,.

We can create as many activities as we have navigations, cruises or regattas, to perform. In the same activity, several trips can be recorded if necessary. We can then group the trips together in a single journey to replay it on the screen.

Once the account has been created on the website Navygatio, we connect to it in Weather4D Routing & Navigation via a new entry in the "Navigation" menu.

Connexion avec Weather4D Routage & Navigation

Connection with Weather4D Routing & Navigation User Guides

Select the email address used in Navygatio, the name of the boat, and the current activity to choose from a list of activities. When leaving, after activating the navigation mode in Weather4D, just activate "Data transfer". They will be synchronized, either in real time with an internet connection (cellular connection near the coast), either deferred as soon as a connection is available (cellular or satellite).

We see the track and the transferred data displayed on the screen, all available data attached to the route is recorded.

By clicking on a data label in Navygatio, a graph traces its evolution over time. We can move forward or back in time, you can also click anywhere on the track line to bring the boat back to it and read the data at that point in time, for example when tacking. You can also display average values ​​over time.

At the end of a course, just turn off data transfer to stop recording. Like this, several successive tracks can be recorded for the same cruise, or several stages of the same regatta, by reactivating the transfer at each new start.

Une nouvelle étape commence...

A new trip begins…

... enregistrée dans Navygatio

… registered in Navygatio

You can share a public link with your loved ones to your Navygatio page for a single course, and better, you can invite " followers ", or other users registered in Navygatio, who will be able to access all your journeys. Your competitor-friends will be able to analyze your performance data, compare with theirs, and many other things.

Other important feature, functionlogbook will evolve in the near future. The data entered into the application by pre-formatted fields also allow you to add textual notes. This data is transferred to the "Logbook" tab of the Navygatio web interface. Thereafter, a real Logbook interface will be available, in the same way as the Instruments page, in half screen. Also, the possibility will be offered to subscribers to Geogarage maps to display the nautical charts on the screen Navygatio, to see more precisely the journeys made. Finally, the identifiers of the Navygatio account should soon be unified for the weather subscription account and the Geogarage account., in order to simplify its use.

It goes without saying that access to Navygatio is free for all Weather4D Routage users. & Navigation with iOS and SailGrib WR with Android. It also provides them with a real free tracking solution thanks to the "Public link" function for the attention of relatives.  

Other more advanced functions will be added later, mainly for the attention of racers, race and rally organizers.


The function data transfer to Navygatio is completely independent of the function AIS data sharing that can be activated in the General Settings > Navigation User Guides > AIS settings. This last, when activated, only feeds information from AIS targets, voluntarily shared by Weather4D users, displayed on the application (light blue ship icons) (³). Simultaneous broadcasting of the two streams is not incompatible.

The User Guide (French version) is now updated.
The User Guide (English version) is also up to date.
(¹) Domain name, anglicized (Navy instead of Navi), from Navigatio which means "Navigation" in… Latin ! Comes from the wordnāvigō (navigate), formed withnāvis (ship) andagō (make).
(²Weather4D and SailGrib improve the AIS network

(³) See User Guide of Weather4D Routing & Navigation pages 131-132.


15 Replies to “Navygatio : Weather4D's 5th dimension [Update]”

  1. Hello Mr. Fustier,
    Je me prépare à utiliser Navigatio pour mes prochaines sorties. J’ai suivi toute la procédure d’inscription en utilisant mon compte Apple. L’adresse e-mail qui apparaît n’est pas celle que j’utilise pour ce compte, et semble être une adresse cryptée. Or, ce n’est pas ce qui apparaît pour l’adresse gmail que je vois quand je regarde attentivement les successions de pages du tutoriel. Do you have an explanation, ou dois-je utiliser une adresse gmail ?
    Thank you in advance for your reply

  2. Merci pour ce travail, je viens de découvrir cette fonction.. plus qu’à apprendre à s’en servir.
    La fonction suivi est très pratique pour un équipier qui doit rejoindre le bateau.
    Je n’ai pas le bouton enregistrer dans les paramètres, mais avec la touche Enter, j’ai pu rentrer les infos.

  3. hello
    I just tested, this is very promising, a big bravo !
    Some ideas :
    – To create a link on the entire activity, it would be nicer to be able to select the recordings and create a new activity, rather than using the function create an empty route and copy the data. Ça serait plus userfriendly 🙂 Ou alors dès le départ Quand une activité est créée de pouvoir directement générer la totalité des routes et des étapes qui sont enregistrée
    Depuis Weather 4D pouvoir directement enregistrer les commentaires pour le livre de bord, ça serait top d’avoir tout sur la même application
    Encore bravo
    Olivier Fidèle utilisateur de weather 4D 🙂

  4. Well I say BRAVO for this beautiful (and big no doubt) job. And also thank you very much for continuing to offer FREE improvements / evolutions. It is widely greeted and it encourages you to stay at home (and to make you a good advertisement in our turn).

    Concerning the eternal debate of the paper logbook, maybe there should be two terms to differentiate these two philosophies (yet compatible).

    In utopia, you should have a printer on board, which only works with roll paper, and which every hour prints just one extra line (Date, hour steps, Years, LONG, Heading, TWS, GWD, SOG). In the event of a serious problem, il « suffit » alors que le chef de bord coupe la feuille et la prenne avec lui.
    En attendant d’avoir une telle imprimante à bord (je n’en ai d’ailleurs pas l’envie 😉 ), il faut le faire dans un livre de bord.

    Mais dans ce livre, c’est tendant d’y rajouter des trucs afin qu’on se remémore les souvenirs : une panne, un probleme, make the parallel between the weather forecast and the weather encountered, indicate the battery percentage so as to see if we have correctly sized the energy producers and storers, various observations : it becomes a mix between a very official logbook and a logbook.

    What is offered here is more of something fun. And in addition we can share it. Moi je dis « SUPER ! ".

    Thanks to the(x) developer(s).

  5. I will test the app in a few days. For now, I would always run my "Nautical Logbook" in parallel while this function is progressing on Navygatio. Please allow for the possibility of an export (at the end of the season) logbook in PDF format and especially that the margin is acceptable by online printers. This possibility is offered by Logbook, I include comments, pictures, drawing, QRcode and thumbnails of my YT videos but PDF cannot be supported by printers. You have to reformat everything on Canva with the right measurements. A galley!

  6. Hello Francis,
    Exciting and surely fun! I will try this summer.
    One downside for my taste: automatic logbook recording! I remain in favor of keeping the logbook manually, who punctuates the quarters, allows marginal annotations, and especially if it is done according to the rules of the art, remains the last aid in case of loss of electronic information.

    1. Hi Alain, well agree with you in principle, the logbook is a legal instrument that should not be entrusted to electronics. But all boaters claim it ! We must therefore respect three imperatives : manual entry fields for notes, a non-modifiable / falsifiable printable format (PDF) and a permanent backup system. What now exists on professional vessels with ECDIS.

  7. Maybe silly question, how do we update Weather4D to display this new capability. Thank you in advance and well done for this great application.

  8. Super! As usual… thank you Olivier, Francis.
    Looking forward to testing!

  9. I have already been able to test this option for a short month thanks to Olivier who informed me and gave an explanatory video of how it works. And it works perfectly. In a while I could do without a logbook for the logbook. Being able to share your navigations with those close to you will surely be very pleasant for all those who do not go on board.. And being able to give a link to our teammates will surely also be a big plus for them once disembarked.
    W4D always the app at the top of the needs and expectations of the sailor or the racer.
    When we have tasted we can not do without.

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