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leisureNavionics vector charts contain a number of detailed information for each marina, and sometimes some moorings. These places are marked on charts by the symbol shown against.

These data are called in English "Navaids" when information concerning navigation, and "POIs" when dealing with practical and interesting information (Point Of Interest, the "s" is the plural).

Search in iNavX

In Waypoints view there is an option "Port Search". one can enter any part of a name to display all occurrences of what is prompted. Select with a tap the place immediately opens the chart centered on this location.

informationsThen a tap on one of the symbols above opens a popup with the "More Info". A tap on this option opens a new window with the information available for this location. With a network connection (2G, 3G or WiFi) button "Google" to open the search engine with the name of this place as occurrence research, complementing the information sometimes succinct of Navionics charts.


These textual information are implemented with Navionics charts. They are loaded on your mobile and available without any network connection. The detailed information provided by other applications often require, as the "Google" of iNavX, access to databases, so to the Internet. They are therefore only useful close to the shore.


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  1. A question on AppStore in the comment to read the Navionics, do they work seagoing ? J'ai dit un iPad 3G, thank you in advance for your answer.

  2. Unlike Google dashes are not neutralized as a space, therefore
    'Saint’ trouve saint-malo (and other…..)
    'Saint opposite’ find nothing !
    no big deal but I trust you for the next version neutralizes dashes

  3. Not very convincing…..
    Can not find 'Saint Malo’ while there are two "sailboat icons" : respectively "SAINT-MALO – PORT DES SABLONS" and "SAINT-MALO" – PORT VAUBAN »
    Find "ST MALO" but only give the heading and distance
    Yet I have the latest version of the iPad as on the iPhone

    1. Jean, I get exactly the same information about Saint-Malo as La Baule on this article screenshots. I sent you my own screenshots by MMS. I do not understand that you do not get it ?

  4. I noticed that the iNavx Navionics charts usually do not have much useful information except perhaps depth. This is a pity because the other area specific Navionics charts (the ones in their own program) have much more interactive information but then you don’t have iNavx.

    Also I noticed that C-maps have more information in general available on the charts but then you can not use Apple products only PC Windows.

    No justice in this world!

    1. Navionics charts built-in data (Navaids and POIs) seem different in Navionics mobile and Navionics for x-traverse. I think the best could be to ask Navionics about that point.

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