Weather4D 1.1 iPad and iPhone, on top.

weather4dTwo months after out for iPhone, Weather4D (¹), by surprising Olivier Bouyssou, comes with a fully optimized version for iPad, with the modest release number 1.1.

This unique version iPhone / iPad is a simple free upgrade for the lucky purchasers of version 1.0.

And yet, what work it took to adjust and optimize the 3D application, both screens and memory capabilities of iPhone 3 and 4 than those of the iPad 1 and 2, known to be very different !

We discover many new features in this version :

weather4d iphone

iPhone and iPad :

  • Displaying pression contours, with spacing allows to be set (with 1 to 10 mb)
  • Pressure display in 3D
  • Viewing angle adjustable with double-taps up and down (arrows iPad)
  • Variable scroll by increments from 3 hours. to 12 h. Double-taps left and right (arrows iPad)
  • Display calendar by tapping on the clock, a tap on the current date back to current time
  • Display pictograms and cumulative wind vectors
  • Setting the animation speed, with 25% to 400%, lateral sliding a finger under the clock (Weather Mode)
  • AutoUpdate GRIB files after changing settings

weather4d iphone

iPad :

  • Banner tools to standard view, slider with time and permanent access to the calendar, settings and help, including being animated
  • Full-screen mode with clock and same buttons as iPhone view
  • Viewing high-resolution
weather4d ipad

Standard View, Area access, Calendar, Help and Settings

weather4d ipad

Fullscreen view : wind vectors and fields, pressure and isobars, pictograms on land

Firmly supported by a team of hard testers that he was not allowed respite, Oliver offers us an application that's always a good head start on competing applications. More over, even before its release, this work was already being hailed by the press Boating (²).

But as he is not guy to be satisfied with his result, he has already working to a PRO version and some ideas of additional functions for the current version. No rest for the artist !

weather4d ipad

Display of 3D surface pressure

(¹) Weather4D plays GRIB weather data for iPhone
(²) Voiles & Voiliers : Display total weather


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  1. Well I'm back, Internet access easier, So I downloaded the new version and I must say I am pleasantly surprised. A little disappointed initially by the first version, is … one thing to say : Bravo. A Pro version ? I now eagerly awaiting, with a question : but is she bringing more ? As in Martinique, I believe, You only create the desired area for the weather in Martinique or elsewhere. I also tested the Caribbean from Martinique to Panama, and ZIC, Panama to Galapagos.

  2. I bought it and am a little disappointed. No one tells you in advance that it does not cover the Caribbean.

    Herve de Martinique

    1. Of course if ! Just create a new zone covering the desired region. You can create, modify or delete, many areas covering any region of the planet. I sent you two screenshots by email.

  3. Beautiful !

    What more. Decidedly, world of apple channels of talented programmers … Bravo and thank you to Olivier Bouyssou Francis Fustier give us easy access to

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