Bad weather for iNavX [Update]

What I had been planning for a long time has finally happened : iNavX lost Navionics cartography ! It seemed obvious that the historic contract which allowed iNavX to have privileged access to Navionics cartography, since the origin of the application designed by Richard Ray in 2009, was threatened. Since then things have changed a lot : purchase of the application by NavX Studio (¹), acquisition of Navionics by Garmin (²), generalization of the annual chart subscription policy (³)…

For French users still numerous, partly thanks to the French version, but above all thanks to Navionics charts covering all of Europe in great detail, without needing to renew subscriptions, it sounds the death knell. Current iNavX developers just announced the integration of vector charts Global C-Map, but with a major limitation : live use only, therefore requiring a permanent internet connection :

Coverage includes and is not limited to : USA, North America, Caribbean, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Australia and Africa.
C-MAP World Chart delivers high-res vector charts for global coverage in one easy-to-use chart. Delivered as an Online Chart, the C-MAP World Chart is a worldwide vector chart that navigators have benefited for years. The chart sources are based on ENC and additionnal sources published by hydrographic offices. The C-MAP World Chart is updated quarterly and requires a data connection [via Internet].

Les cartes et options désormais disponibles en achat intégré

Charts and options now available by in-app purchase

The result is that, offline cellular, no more charts are available for Europe (except Germanic coasts and surroundings). And it is highly unlikely that C-Map will allow downloading of the charts., because that would come in competition with their own application which offers this function with an annual "Premium" subscription .

Therefore, what future for iNavX in Europe for offshore sailors ?

[PS] If you don't want to lose the downloaded maps, the account must be deactivated before any update.

[Update on 11 September 2021]

With the sudden price drop (50%) I got the C-Map subscription. I'm glad I did. I could see that in the current state of the display, charts are unusable. No additional information is displayed on the chart : no text (place names and marks, light characteristics, light sectors,…). In addition, the probes disappear at certain scales when zooming out, as well as most of navaids. No C-Map specific display option for information layers is available in Chart view settings, unlike what was offered with Navionics. It seems that it is a work done in emergency... !

(¹) iNavX changes hands
(²The stakeholders of electronic charting
(³) Digital charts : purchase or subscription [Update] ?


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  1. Apart from the comments on the availability and the choice of applications, moreover for me W4D), this recalls the urgent need to "download" paper maps in your boat.

  2. An example : this summer I was racing in the Four Channel, and against the current, at night and in duplicate. Let us imagine that for lack of connection between two grains, I lose my mapping ? I'm going on the rocks because a "decision maker" to please his shareholders has imposed a connection and no card loading ? I understood well. For information, this is exactly the situation I experienced this summer …

    1. Most apps allow maps to be downloaded for offline use, Fortunately ! (W4D, iSailor, Navionics Boating, etc,…

  3. It is certain that this announcement calls into question any offline browsing on our Ipads.. Always user of this means, it is certain that we must have on board cards (loaded) and a reliable GPS position for safe navigation or regatta tactics.
    How to do

  4. Thanks to the Americans once again and at the end of the possibility of traveling around the world with an Ipad !

    1. It's not quite fair, there are many other applications than iNavX to take a Weather4D world tour, C-Map, iSailor, SailGrib, etc,…

  5. Hello Francis Thank you for this information. I do not see very well how to replace INavX .W4D is good for crossings but offers few possibilities for coastal navigation especially in the Caribbean. What will be the best option with an offline consultation ?

  6. Indeed our maps downloaded on iNavx will become precious collectors !
    About C-MAP as a replacement, iNavx support described this to me : « We are now offering C-MAP worldwide online charts. In a few weeks we will be adding a feature that will allow these charts to be stored for offline use with certain limitations. "
    To see what limitations ?

    1. If so (and why not have done it from the start ?) C-Map will require the same restrictions as in their own application. It seems difficult to me because in C-Map app no ​​navigation function is activated without the Premium subscription (no GPS position, neither wp nor road), and it must be renewed every year.

  7. Thank you for this info, and yes, I ask the same question as above : which solution for the Caribbean ?

  8. Hello Thank you for these clarifications . What is the solution for long crossings and Caribbean countries ?

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