Crossing the Pacific with an iPad

After my first post Crossing the Atlantic with an iPad Here are some screenshots provided by Christophe Mahé between Panama and the Marquesas Islands, during its passage last month. Dream a little history, and convince the remaining recalcitrant on the capabilities of an iPad to provide position and draw a route anywhere on the globe.

pacifique 1

From Panama to the Marquesas, iNavX and Navionics, Full Screen


pacifique 2

Standard View, Night Vision

pacifique 3

Wetting Atuona, Hiva-Oa, Marquesas Islands

After two Atlantic crossings, followed by France-Tahiti trip, Christophe's iPad is still as effective, and without ever having made any special protection. Its owner is waiting to be able to connect directly its Iridium to download GRIB files. A little bit waiting…


pacifique 4

Wetting Atuona - Photo C. Mahe


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  1. Hi came here from Transposh, what a fantastic life you lead, but I bet you will say it is all work. Have you seen the MarineTraffic app? One of my favourite sites at the moment.


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