Weather4D 2.0.11 a bunch of new features and improvements

Delivered in AppStore this morning after two weeks of revisions and contre-revisions of Apple services, still more picky, the new version is finally available. On the menu and in bulk : AIS by internet with AISHub, direct access to Geogarage and cache memory chart management, new model of GRIB weather forecast from Meteo-France AROME HD for inshore races, full-screen mode, advanced distance calculations, the most visible. Under the hood also a lot of optimization for routing and power consumption. Review of detail to follow…


AISHub is a service of tracking AIS covering most of the northern hemisphere and the busiest navigation regions of the southern hemisphere. It has the particularity to function as a centre sharing of raw data NMEA AIS. This allowed APP4NAV to integrate this service in real time in Weather4D 2.0, in addition to the own vessel AIS reception. This of course requires an internet connection, but the generalization of the 4G cellular network often allowed in coastal navigation.

Green targets the onboard receiver AIS, Blue targets via the Internet


The Geogarage service is now directly accessible from the application, to register and buy the necessary charts. User manual describes the procedure. We now have the ability to manually clear all of the charts contained in memory cache. The charts loading is done, either by displaying the areas you want and zooming in on all levels, is now more simply by using the function of preloading.

The cache memory of 1 GB is shared between nautical charts, satellite imagery (Bing) and land maps (OSM). It is awarded in a protected memory area, cannot be deleted only by a user action : exceeding the memory size by loading new tiles or action on "clear cache" button..


Many improvements in the use of the function, with in addition the weather model AROME HD from Meteo-France, the finest resolution available today on our shores, with a grid of 0,6 NM, wind data only allowing, associated with MyOcean currents , a sharp routing for the small racing course.

A grid of 1100 metres in latitude, 760 metres in longitude in Quiberon Bay

User Interface

You can switch to display full-screen by a double-tap, same gesture to return to normal display. The direction of the wind, waves and currents was absent from the data labels, this is now fixed. A tool for measuring distances, quite sophisticated, also fills this gap. You can make multiple simultaneously displayed distances, snap one end on the position, an AIS target, both, or even two AIS targets. A single gesture : a long press with two fingers (any fingers, even with both hands). Magic !

Finally with the apparent improvements, You can now export routes in GPX format with generic iOS export icon. The import in the same format already being active in the previous version.

The optimized route can be exported in GPX format

The rest is to be found in the page What's new on Weather4D web site, and of course in the users tutorials in French and in English.



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  1. Hello,

    I have just acquired Weather 4 d 2.0 and I'm going to navigate between Hendaye and San Sebastián. I ask myself the question of the best choice concerning the navigation between iNavx and W4D software :
    – which card is the most accurate : the electronic Navionics 46XG card (iNavx) or map Raster SHOM 6786 (Weather 4D) ?
    – can someone with the new version of Weather 4 d 2.0 export routing to iNavx ?
    In advance thank you for your reply.

    1. These are two applications that can perfectly complement. Because of the low cost applications and maps, It is not superfluous to belt and Suspenders. Even if you prepare and mostly follow the navigation in Weather4D 2.0, You can always transfer your routes in iNavX (and vice versa in the next update). SHOM carto stops in detail to the Spanish border. The Navionics carto becomes then necessary along the coast of Spain. Note in W4D 2.0 that the UKHO provides some details of the coast of Spain, and excellent imaging satellite Bing (delivered as standard) for ports plans.

  2. Hello
    I have just acquired Weather 4 d 2.0, I'm learning period ! I do not know if it is the version 11 I have, I do not see where it is registered (No has words of…). I also acquired iPolar to import my J88 polar but the result calculated by iPolar is far enough away from the fleece that I was able to get on the net for this boat. I read that could import from polar to csv format but I have not seen how and initially this is not documented ?
    Thank you for your reply

    1. The importation of polar in CSV format is described in my post :
      Routing happens in Weather4D Pro 1.3
      in the §3.
      If you have applications to be updated on your Tablet, they are notified by a red dot on the "App Store" icon. Just open App Store > updates, then tap on "Update all".
      If no red dot appears, is that all your applications are up to date.

  3. Hello
    We are avid users of Weather4D pro, currently in version 1.3.4, the shift is paying off, I guess on AppStore I cannot shift on offer should he understand that the full license must be purchased ?
    Thank you and beautiful day

    1. Weather4D 2.0 is not an update, but a new map navigation application, completely rewritten, integrating the weather and routing. A combination of iNavX + Weather4D PRO better ! Thus both applications continue to coexist.
      See the comparison on the site Weather4D.

  4. And why leave with full of water that can be found once arrived at the port ?
    All this is just a matter of personal philosophy and choice of its mode of navigation. The evolution of computing capabilities means that you can leave with all your cards without being "overweight" so why deprive yourself? ?
    PS: For the Ireland tour is Navionics UK without the Germany, Corsica and the Canary.

  5. Agree with previous comments. I don't even understand imaginable to rely on a system that requires an Internet connection in sea. May be the system works make it to use better than you imagine. But totally agree to support and encourage this nice development. I use W4D for weather. Simply awesome.

    1. Weather4D 2.0 has absolutely no need Internet at sea ! Only at stopovers. There are 20 years one or two cards landing English purchased in gold price and I was going to Ireland with road maps of SHOM. Once in Ireland, I went to the local Distributor buy cards for the rest of my cruise. He was out of the question to buy hundreds of cards for the Ireland tour.
      Today I in a coffee shop or the local club yacht Download Wi - Fi 1 GB marine charts up-to-date while sipping a Guinness, What do the tour of Ireland in detail, and for just a few euros.
      Why do the tour of Ireland taking a Navionics from the Germany to Corsica map passing through the Canary Islands ?

  6. Hello,

    Many improvements, with two screens and varying levels of zoom and the possibility of two types of mapping is really the top !

    Note cards average graphic resolution for UKHO (127 DPI) While the SHOM is 300 DPI. Some problems of recovery of cards in common areas (Pas de Calais) current resolution by Geogarage which are reactive !

    In my opinion the only problem to date of this application is the cache, its too small and its management. As long as this will not be resolved as on a Navionics HD or we charge a total area (as for the weather zone and the choice of models but in this case with choice of cards UKHO publishers, SHOM, etc. and resulting size indicated…) I will keep an other app in parallel … Safe redundancy does not harm.

    Finally, with the designer's listening and responsiveness, I am not too worried that this "made in France" app will be on top in the future!

  7. Hello,
    Number of improvements which will in the (very) common sense. Bravo to the reactivity of the developer. I will consider almost using it as main even if application …

    … I regret that the memory cache is so small could not be able to have all the maps necessary for navigation longer than a day trip.
    Everyone is not a satisfactory internet access when it is in the sea. Because when we approached ratings, one must be sure to have adapted quickly map.
    I esperai that the cache of 1 Giga would free me from a permanent internet connection but this is unfortunately not the case so I'm always compelled to iNavX or paper maps.
    So, I will have to triple the cartographic data for one year then the next year, should I stop paying one of the solutions. Now remains to decide which

  8. small precision, thank you
    W4D can work with the cards purchased from X ties or is it necessary to buy other maps by geogarage ?

  9. The new version brings significant improvements, AIS Internet. Weather4D 2.0 will make the essential ipads for navigation. In terms of improvement, the use of a cloud to manage the weather areas, roads, targets would allow better integration of the uses between ipad and iphone without having to configure everything 2 time.

  10. Hello,
    It is with anticipation as we awaited these significant developments of Weather4D 2.0. Which bring major improvements.
    I can however a note which was already topical on the first version.
    The target management is quite difficult to understand. Each weather zone to targets. What either is not very practical, but still acceptable to use. There where it becomes annoying, It is the last open weather area which defined targets available for the creation and management of roads. It seems to me that a road-specific basis would be much easier to manage. Or better in my opinion, one common base of available targets to areas and roads. Associated icons to choose to organize them according to the needs of each.
    Congratulations again for this application and its very well designed tutorial.


    1. Hello,
      Thanks for your encouragement !
      I am well aware that this part should be improved. I planned a management of sites by category (Wrecks, Ports etc...) and with the possibility of associating them with one area or not. The display of places with an icon and/or a specific label will also be possible.

      At the moment I'm working on the display of instrumentions it by screen. Subsequently I robbing the above described such sites management and management of traces. ETA planned for end of April…

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