Weather4D 2.0 revisits navigation on iPad [Update]

Weather4D 2.0 is available Apple AppStore (*). After the success of the first two versions, APP4NAV company just revisit chart navigation on iPad and iPhone by integrating the timing dimension. With simulations and weather routing, navigation becomes predictive, allowing a constant anticipation of future weather conditions and sea state. This "navigation in the future", relied on the quality of meteorological and oceanographic predictions today available, was designed in order to bring a new dimension to the safety of boaters.


The navigation function is based on the use of a raster charting exclusively from the most important international hydrographic services, as SHOM (¹). This choice is made possible thanks to technology implementation in application to present these charts in tiles with great fluidity. This official charting, having undergone any transformation, is the exact equivalent of publishers paper chart production, and therefore an undeniable guarantee of reliability (²). Cards are subject to a subscription by Publisher on the french Server Geogarage, that maintains a constantly updated global portfolio.


The app offers a completely redesigned ergonomics interface through the accumulated user experience for five years. It uses the principle of what has been the success of Weather4D : multiple forecasting models, multi-data display overlayed layers, continuous time scrolling automatic or manual , added to a high-quality graphic design using the most advanced development tools d & rsquo; Apple, facilitate the understanding of future weather phenomena. In addition, navigation and weather forecasts can be displayed in one or two windows (iPad only), providing a plurality of display combinations of the same zone : navigation and weather, weather forecast and waves or currents, comparison of different models. Dual windows can be dissociated to display the same area at different scales.

Weather4D 2.0 is supplied as standard with GFS 0.25° global forecasts model. Weather models NAM, COAMPS, WRF (USA), GEM (Canada), ARPEGE, FLAVOUR and aroma HD (France), and the WW3 wave patterns and currents MyOcean, are provided in a single pack available by annual subscription (in-app purchase). These files are integrated and controlled by APP4NAV and made available on its own servers.

Simulations and Routing

Weather4D 2.0 simulates future navigations "in an armchair". The boater can save waypoints, simulate routes, combine to GRIB forecasts models in order to optimize routes in the multi-routing module, compare depending on the options. In navigation mode, simply follow the best routing result, and compare in real time the conditions supported to weather model predictions using the displayed instruments. Indeed, in navigation mode, instruments display progress information in real time, and can receive data from the external Wi-Fi from onboard devices. During navigation, routing can be refreshed at any time from the actual position of the boat.

And then ?

Weather4D 2.0 supports TCP/IP connections for receiving NMEA data from most navigation systems. In the weeks that followed the publication of the application, will be added the support of AIS, Apple Watch support, dashboard instruments, tracks management associated with automatic logbook generation, a generator of requests Saildocs by satellite phone.

No doubt this application will help increase the attractiveness of tablets for navigation, providing a complete solution for responsible boaters, its ease of use, the wealth of information provided, connectivity allowing continuously updates, all features contributing to facilitate decisions of the skipper for the safety and comfort of the crew.

You can download the tutorial free user in French and in English accompanying the application, including 37 training videos. It was designed for use on iPad at the same time application is running thanks to Apple SPLITVIEW function (iPad Air2 and Pro only). Note that Weather4D 2.0 works only from iOS 9.0 and later.

(*) Charting subscription is available from Geogarage website with the link :
French :
English :

(¹) To date, available publishers are : NOAA (USA), CHS (Canada), WLP (Bahamas), IHL (Brazil), SHN (Argentina), SHOM (France / DOM-TOM / Polynesia), UKHO (UK and dependencies), BSH (Germany), NLHO (Netherlands), AHS (Australia), LINZ (New Zealand).
(²) See my post Raster charts... the come back


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  1. I will make the following remarks:
    – difficulties ,see unable to load the tutorial on I Pad. I think that a printable summary would be very useful.
    – the Geogarage SHOM maps available are solely those of the French coast maps for the Italy ,the Greece and the Turkey are not available on this site also very promising
    – Unlike the old app W4d,It is impossible to send mails to O Buyssou
    – It is more complex ,more expensive,overall disappointed

    1. The tutorial is composed largely of high resolution videos, and weighs 1,7 GB, compatible with the majority of ADSL connections in the world. It is impossible to make a text printout : replace the videos by explanations accompanied by screenshots would require between 300 and 400 pages, as the guide to iSailor. The advantage of the videos and to view manipulation while practicing the application, Thanks to the SplitView (available only with iPad Air2 and iPad Pro updated).
      There is not yet a global coverage with Geogarage, electronic raster coverage of SHOM, as of the UKHO, is limited to specific areas. But this may evolve quickly enough with the discussions of the open government data.
      You have the address of contact at the end of the tutorial (Information), the AppStore (The developer's web site, then Contact).

  2. Hello. Super appli admirée au Nautic! Nous sommes en préparatifs avant de rejoindre notre bateau au loin, et je me pose une question peut être stupideLes cartes des océans sont-elles de facto dans l’application afin de pouvoir être utilisées comme grand routier? Autrement dit les zones chargées sont-elles limitées aux côtes au sens large ou bien se rejoignent-elles par la mer? It is important to be able to use the application in grande Traversée.

  3. Is it possible to import from polar in weather4D 2.0 as with weather 4 d pro?
    Weather 4D2.0 can it show info AIS as Inavx ?

    Thank you

    1. OK, ça fonctionne bien mais, pour info, ce n’est pas mentionné dans le tutoriel.
      J’ai cru comprendre que Ipolar ne fonctionne pas pour les cata, ce qui est mon cas.
      En tous cas merci pour vos précieux conseils.
      J’attends avec impatience la mise à jour AIS.

  4. Tested at the Nautic : Amazing application !
    I can't remember if the tides and currents are taken into account ?


  5. Hello,

    Thanks for this very interesting article and congratulations to Olivier Bouyssou for this new application which seems to me very promising. A small question however : is it possible to export the route to .gpx format as was the case with Weather4D Pro ?


    Vincent Diemunsch

    1. Import GPX supported. But at the moment exports gpx are not supported as the roads can be created and optimized directly in the application. Gpx/kml transfers will be included in next update.

    2. Thank you Francis for your reply. I will therefore wait for this upcoming update to be able to use the application in a fully satisfactory manner.



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