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BASES-AEROIn the word "Aeronautics" there is "Nautical". This gives me a good reason to write about applications for private aviators. And I always dreamed of flying, but only had the opportunity to go paragliding for too short years.

I'll, for once, gain altitude to discuss a new application available from the iPad 11 March 2011 : BASES-AERO (HD).

Applications F-AERO, BASES BASES-AERO-ULM or iPhone and / or iPad, are intended for pilots VFR (light aircraft, ULM, helicopters) to enable them to consult and simulate navigation on all airfields and ULM bases. They should not be used as main aeronautical information for flight, let alone during a flight.

BASES-AERO, all airfields and ULM lands

Based on the fact that it doesn't exist database of airfields and ULM platforms for iPhone, team F-AERO, led by Olivier DUQUE, publishes the application using data provided courtesy M. Jean BOSSY.

The application features :

  • Database, display and geolocation of all the airfields in France and DOM/TOM, and all platforms ULM in France (BASIC ULM) but also in Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy and Switzerland.
  • Navigation Simulation : Heading, Distance, Flight Time, Airfield and user geolocation with road map on satellite view Google Maps.
  • Updating data on airfields and platforms by application user.
  • Creating new platform ULM by user and offering automatic transmit information to Jean BOSSY (Editerra) who kindly provided all data and FFPLUM, custodian codes LFddnn single platform for ULM.
bases-aero 1

Navigation : point of departure and arrival path indicator and

This initiative must be quite useful to practitioners, Pilots and student pilots, traversing the skies of our beautiful countryside. The application is easy to use, even for a neophyte, but needs to enable location services for the iPhone or iPad (Model WiFi 3G requested ) and activate the 3G network or WiFi for viewing Google Maps.

bases-aero 3

Focus on land

bases-aero 4

Airfield or platform information

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