COLREGS: Still Fit for Purpose ? [Update]

We can only observe, for three decades, the phenomenal increase in global maritime commercial traffic, the recent increase in maritime drones, for scientific and various research purposes, automated and remotely submarines civilian, military, and even for traffickers usage, and soon the inevitable coming into service of fully unmanneded merchant ships. This evolution is directly linked to the multiplication of satellites communication and positioning means allowing remote control of mobiles at sea.

Même avec le confinement pendant la pandémie Covid-19 le trafic maritime ne cesse jamais. Vue Marine Traffic

Even with containment during the Covid-19 pandemic, maritime traffic never stops. Marine Traffic view

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Cyber ​​attacks and boating

Garmin was the victim of a cyber attack that started on 23 last July and lasted several days. The resulting outage disrupted many of its online services.

Navionics customers could no longer access the Navionics server through their login credentials. L’application Navionics Boating, the chart installer and the Navionics chart viewer were all impacted. products could no longer be purchased directly from the Navionics website. Chartplotters could still be used as stand-alone devices during this Garmin failure, but the maps could no longer be downloaded or updated. Read more …

Man Over Board

Credit: SNSM Bandol

At all times the sailors had the fear of the sea fall. Even with a trained crew, the operation of recovering a crew water fallen is risky, Already with the engine, even more with the sail. During my training years in Glénans Sailing School, each boarding was the opportunity to train consistently with this maneuver, sailing, striving to come "die" heave to windward of the unfortunate, fortunately materialized by a buoy moored in a bucket as drift anchor. But the real problem was not there. It was above all not to lose sight of the crew, because come back to its fall position "reckoning" was virtually mission impossible. And today, with our sophisticated electronic means, it's not as easy as it sounds good… Read more …

AIS Transponder, dedicated antenna or antenna splitter ? [Update]

spl2000I relayed by an article published in 2014 on the blog Digital Yacht which provides an excellent discussion of the choice of the antenna to be installed for a transceiver AIS. You will find below a transcript freely adapted by my care.

One of the most frequent questions asked by boaters who want to buy an AIS Class B Transponder : which antenna VHF use ? Read more …

Test Nomad – stand-alone AIS transceiver by Digital Yacht

I introduced last may the Nomad, a portable AIS transceiver designed by Digital Yacht. I had to wait until the end of the summer to have the opportunity to test in real situation this device that had been entrusted to me by the manufacturer. I can already say that I was conquered.

I conducted the test in two phases. The first in my home port of St-Vaast-La-Hougue in my own boat, to the pontoon, and at low tide, the port doors closed - the context is important - for the commissioning of the reception only. The second at sea, in Roussillon, with setting the transmission service. Read more …

Nomad, an AIS Classe B mobile transponder

Company Digital Yacht offers Nomad, the first AIS transponder class B mobile with Wi-Fi interface.

The Nomad is supplied with a portable VHF antenna 25 cm equipped with a sucker and a 4 metres cable, and with a built-in GPS antenna. USB and Wi-Fi interfaces will allow the use of the device with many navigation and charting application for iOS devices, Android, PC and Mac.

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Christmas shopping at the Nautic Paris

For the first time since 5 years I'm not moving to the Paris Nautic boat show. And for the first time I do so not "stuck" ten hours per day on a stand of 9 m². And so for the first time I take the time to be interested - remotely, without jostling, without air conditioning, without Paris pollution - to products having a relationship with my field of investigation and which have caught my attention.

Some relate to security, other useful accessories, all have to do with mobile devices, smartphones or tablets, and some are truly innovative.

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